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    Bisita Iligan

    What is a Bisita Iligan Account and what are the benefits?

    Bisita Iligan Account is an online business directory and tourism portal exclusively for Iligan City. If you have an account you can add, claim, bookmark and rate listings. We will be adding more perks soons so watch out for it!

    How will Bisita Iligan help its users?

    Bisita Iligan helps you improve local visibility of your online business, provide guides for the travellers, track festivals, events, news and blogs here in Iligan City. Watch for more exciting features coming soon!

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    Create your
    Bisita Iligan Account

    How do I register for Bisita Iligan account?

    Click on the Signup button at the top right of the website. Then you will be redirected to register page. Enter your First Name, Last Name, Password and Email then click 'Create Account'. If you prefer, you can sign up with Facebook or Google+ by clicking one of the links.

    How many characters are needed for my password?

    When choosing a password, please follow these guidelines:
    1.) Minimum of 6 characters
    2.) Maximum of 16 characters
    3.) Please do not use personal information, such as your name, birthday, or social security number, as your password.

    Please also remember the following:
    4.) Your password is case sensitive.
    5.) You should change your password if you detect suspicious activities on your account.

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    Rating & Reviews

    What are Ratings and Reviews and what are the benefits?

    By providing ratings and reviews, you can share your opinion on any business listed on Bisita Iligan. All ratings and reviews will appear on the Business Profile page. Our customers will have access to these ratings and reviews to help them make better local business decisions. To submit ratings and reviews you must be a user logged in (with a registered Bisita Iligan account). While logged in, you can share your experience through a ratings and reviews.

    Why is the review I entered not yet available online?

    Bisita Iligan think ratings and reviews should be genuine and honest. However, we have a comprehensive filtering process that allows us to review all content before it goes online to protect our users and business owners against any inappropriate content.

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    How can I add my business listings?

    After creating your Bisita Iligan account, click the 'Add Listing' in the homepage. Enter your listing name, description, address, and category. Tagline, gallery images, hours of operation, phone, and website. After filling up click 'Submit'.

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    Troubleshooting your
    Bisita Iligan Account

    I cannot access my account. What should I do?

    If you have problems logging in, check the following:
    1.) That you are entering your email address exactly as you have registered it.
    2.) That you are entering your password correctly.
    3.) That you have cookies enabled in your browser.

    I forgot my password. What should I do?

    If you have a Facebook and Google link, use your Facebook and Google password to log in to the site. If you are logging into a Bisita Iligan Account and can't remember your password, go to the Login page and press 'Forgot your password?'.