History of Iligan City

How did Iligan come to be? Learn more about the humble
beginnings and rich history of Iligan City, Philippines

Timeline of Generations

Spanish Period (1565-1899)
Iligan City during Spanish Period
By Ricardo Jorge S. Caluen

The earliest Spanish accounts refer to Iligan(or Yligan/Elegin) as the name of the settlement found at the mouth of the river that bears the same name(also Tambacan to many people). Higaonons as one of Mindanao’s Lumad ethnic groups believed to be the first settlers of Iligan.

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American Period (1900-1941)
Iligan City during American Period
By Prof. Patrocenia T. Acut

Despite the defeat of General Pershing and his men, the Maranaos made Pershing an honorary datu when he befriended them. (Saber) Iligan was already a town of the once undivided Misamis Province in 1832.

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Japanese Period (1942-1945)
Iligan City during Japanese Period
By Prof. Leonor Buhion Enderes

The Japanese invaded Iligan on May 5, 1942. In occupied Iligan, Leo Garcia, Sr. was appointed Mayor till the end of World War II.

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Modern Period (1950-1980)
Iligan City during Modern Times
By Prof. Geoffrey G. Salgado

The history of Iligan as an industrial city is intertwined with the history of the National Power Corporation and the expansion of its operation in Mindanao.

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"A recorded past is no more than a bygone present composed of the footprints made by human beings actually going somewhere but not knowing (in any extended sense), and certainly not revealing to us, how, they came to be afoot on these particular journeys. "

-Michael Oakeshott